On Voting Rights Act Anniversary

On Voting Rights Act Anniversary

On Voting Rights Act anniversary, ‘the greatest threat to voting rights in the past half-century’
By: Alex Padilla

Two years ago, President Barack Obama marked the 50th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act with a White House summit on protecting and expanding the right to vote.

As California’s chief elections officer, I was invited to this significant event. It was an inspiring day, meeting in the Oval Office with the president and Georgia Rep. John Lewis, the civil rights icon, and joining voting rights advocates from across the country in a series of panels.

Sunday marks the 52nd anniversary of the signing of the Voting Rights Act. The contrast in the White House could not be more stark.

Our current president believes, without evidence, that millions of “illegal votes” cost him the popular vote. He has created a sham “Election Integrity Commission” headed by Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, the nation’s foremost vote suppressor, to place barriers between American citizens and their right to vote.

Make no mistake: We are facing the greatest threat to voting rights in the past half-century.

The first act of the “commission” was to request a wide range of personal information of every registered voter in America including their full name, date of birth, and Social Security information, along with party affiliation and voting history. Most secretaries of state saw it for what it was, a startling overreach.

Many state elections officials, both Republicans and Democrats, simply said no. I was one of them. Republican elections officials in states as red as Mississippi and Louisiana also rejected the Trump commission request.

Elections and cybersecurity experts across the country have warned that the commission’s request raises major privacy and security concerns. There are many outstanding questions about how the voter data would be transferred, stored and used.

The commission already faces several lawsuits from national civil rights and voting rights groups. These lawsuits send a strong message that the commission, which has no power to compel anyone to do anything, will not go unchallenged.

Let me reassure California voters: I will not provide the Trump commission with your personal data. I will continue to do everything in my power to protect every citizen’s right to register and vote free of barriers and intimidation.

But we must do more. Trump’s commission and their voter suppression agenda are not going away.

The Voting Rights Act was last reauthorized in 2006 by the United States Senate in a 98-0 vote and signed by President George W. Bush. Since then, there has been a broad concerted effort to roll back voter protections.

In a misguided 2013 decision, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down key provisions of the Voting Rights Act. This has led to many states passing restrictive voter laws.

According to the Brennan Center for Justice, 14 states put in place new voting restrictions – including strict voter ID requirements and reducing early voting opportunities – leading up to the 2016 presidential election.

And it continues. This year more laws to restrict voting were introduced in dozens of states. Several states are aggressively purging voters from their rolls.

Ohio faces a lawsuit over the unconstitutional removal of eligible voters. At the same time that Kobach made his data request, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions – who also has a long history of supporting voter-suppression efforts – and his Department of Justice initiated an unprecedented inquiry about the voter roll maintenance procedures of every state.

And Kobach emails released in July make clear their intention is to weaken the National Voter Registration Act. We will continue to resist these efforts by the Trump administration. There is a better way.

In California, we are creating a more-inclusive democracy. We’ve passed legislation to create automatic voter registration for eligible citizens who visit the DMV.

A landmark new law allows counties to adopt a new election model where all registered voters will automatically receive their ballot 28 days prior to Election Day. Voters will have the choice to return their ballots by mail, deliver them to a drop-off location or cast them in person at any vote center in the county. Sacramento County, along with several others, will debut this system in 2018.

Californians who miss the traditional voter registration deadline will now have the opportunity to register or re-register to vote all the way up to Election Day at county elections offices and other satellite locations. And we now have pre-registration for 16- and 17-year-olds, so they can vote as soon as they turn 18.

As Americans, we have a responsibility to increase voter participation, not stifle it. Our future as a democracy requires it.

From Boston Harbor and Paul Revere to Seneca Falls and Selma, Americans have worked to not only preserve – but strengthen – our democracy. That’s what we should be doing today: removing barriers, empowering communities and enfranchising the people. Now more than ever.

Alex Padilla

California Secretary of State

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2017 CDC Will Be Holding Its Annual Meeting and Election – Check Here For The Notice

2017 CDC Will Be Holding Its Annual Meeting and Election – Check Here For The Notice

The California Democratic Council will be holding  it’s Annual Meeting and Election of Directors and Officers as required in our Bylaws in 2017.

Please check here for notice of the new date for this meeting.

An official Notice of the Election, as required by the Bylaws, will be sent to ALL California Ex-Officio and Organizational Members (DCCs, Chartered Clubs and Chartered Democratic Organizations) via E-Mail prior to this meeting. A list of the Individual Members running for Directorships and Executive Officer Positions will be posted to this site and E-Mailed to ALL Members prior to the election meeting.

To be eligible to hold a position in the CDC a candidate must be a member in good standing and listed on the roster of a CDP Caucus, a Democratic Central Committee or a Chartered Democratic Club and be nominated at the Annual convention. Prior notice of the intention to run for a CDC office should be filed via U.S. Mail or Email with the CDC Secretary prior to the convention date.

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Continue The Fight to Take Back America

Continue The Fight to Take Back America

Over the last few weeks and months you have heard the reptiles crow (head reptile Paul Ryan has been one of the loudest) that they have a  “Mandate of the People” to change the way this country works.


Currently, Hillary Clinton holds the majority of the actual votes cast, nearly 3,000,000 more than Donald Trump! Therefore, there has been

NO mandate

BUT, the reptiles will continue to try and sell the nation on this “Mandate of the People”  idea and use their control of the US House and Senate to craft bills which they will send to their reptile President, the Lier-In-Chief, to sign. We can’t rest now so get ready for the next assault on America in the war for the heart and soul of this country.

Here is the Good News!

You can continue to Fight Back Against the Conservative Agenda by reading INDIVISIBLE and then joining/organizing the resistance! This guide is written by Congressional Staffers who KNOW what works and  what doesn’t!

What you will be fighting against:

The reptiles and their total control of the both houses of congress and the white house will try their best to turn this  country back to the 1950s and bring about their dream of an Autocratic Government which basically IGNORES those that don’t vote and are part of the middle and worker classes.

They will try to privatize Social Security, continue to try and repeal The Affordable Health Care Act, extend voter suppression throughout the country, repeal pollution regulation and allow industry a free hand to poison the atmosphere and water for their profit.  You can kiss the supreme court balance goodbye for at least two generations when the current nominee is passed – it’s gone so get over it. Citizens United on steroids is coming soon to a billionaire near you, equal pay for equal work is history, minimum wage guidelines – forget it! The big wall between us and  Mexico will be built (the Bill is already written) and funded by  YOU and YOUR tax dollars – Paid for by Mexico? Yeah, sure, forget that! And wars, get ready for many, many more as we continue to be the biggest nasty bully on the block. Your Tax breaks – forget it, you aren’t rich enough so your tax break will amount to the cost of a few bags of groceries while the WRICH will bring in millions!

Their WRICH (wealthy + rich) supporters will enjoy the benefits if virtually NO taxation and the so called “entitlements” like Social Security and Medicare – which you paid into it your whole life – will be privatized and given to the Wall Street Investment Barons to use to their benefit and profit. Those who think that they can rely on these really important programs are just stupid and deserve what is about to happen to them. The problem is I and MY Family and YOU and YOUR Family DON’T DESERVE what these trumpie idiots have caused to happen.

WE need to man political barricades  and get our Democratic weapons ready for the continuing onslaught. Elections have consequences and beginning right now we are going to be experiencing the worst of them. Our cause is just and it is for the majority of the people.

The struggle for the 2018 midterm elections begins NOW and YOU can Fight Back with


This is complete guide to what YOU can do to PREVENT the Trump Agenda from becoming the Law of this land! Either join an existing group or start your own! The complete guide is here!

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FREE Leadership Training

FREE Leadership Training

Because we want our activists to be well trained, we offer FREE leadership training.

Workshops include Roberts Rules of Order, Club Finances & Fundraising, Precinct Organizing , Messaging & Media, Unions 101, How to Get & Keep Members and Working with Technology & Social Media

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Free Banner, Table, etc.

Free Banner, Table, etc.

Let’s face it, when we’re out in our communities the job is to market the Democratic brand.

To ensure that our clubs look as professional as possible, we offer FREE banners, booths and registration materials.

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FREE Manual, Website, Software

FREE Manual, Website, Software

We want our clubs to be visible and accessible so we’ll provide a free WordPress website for you which includes  training your Content Manager, full phone support and technical maintenance procedures. We’ll also help you set up Social Media such as FaceBook and YouTube and link them to your site.

Since many club leaders have not had much prior experience, we offer a FREE Club Leadership Manual that provides a valuable resource (over 300 pages) to help you run your meetings, grow your membership, fundraising and navigation through a host of issues related to leading a volunteer organization.

We know not everyone can afford Microsoft, Photoshop and other high end software, but to get the job done, we’ve included the best software FREE can buy!

And to round out the tools we offer, we can get you access to a central voter database. And, to make this offer almost too good to be true, we’ll set you up with a proven Votercircle package which will turn your members email accounts into powerful support generating tools.

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