You did it! You stopped the reptiles and their WRICH backers dead in their tracks! The PPP/AHCA is, in the words of Paul “The Jester” Ryan, “still the law of the land”.


and now


                     Ever Vigilant

“It ain’t over till the fat lady sings” and I haven’t heard any “God Bless America” yet. The reptiles have lost a battle but they continue their war against the American people. They’ve been at it for over 30 years and they won’t stop now so we must NOT stop now either. The war for America’s heart and soul continues on the political battlefields of this country and we must remain ever vigilant or the barbarians (reptiles) at the door will destroy what is best in our country.

Together, We can Keep America Great IF ALL of US work for ALL of us. And that means that in the next election cycle we must ALL vote for Democrats ONLY! That is how we throw the reptiles out of National, State and Local Government. Forming new parties only splits the Democratic vote and that favors the reptiles. IF you have a beef against your local Democratic Party, then get involved and change that party’s direction.

What you need to do now is keep those cards and letters coming! Write your Representative and your Senators. Tell what you want and what you don’t want. Call your Congress critters and register your concerns. Even IF your Representative is a reptile, his staff keeps the numbers of pro and con on ALL issues. Believe it because it’s true! You saw this in the fight against the PPP/AHCA (Obama care to the ignorant). Keep up with INDIVISIBLE and understand the process.

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To Delete Or Not To Delete – That is the Question

To Delete Or Not To Delete – That is the Question

03/21/2017 By Larry Johnson, Clovis, CA

This afternoon I was cleaning out the old stuff in the “media library” of our club website to make room for some new stuff and after a few rounds if deleting old pictures I noticed that I had a lot of trump stuff polluting my library. So, being the conscientious type of fellow I am, I proceeded to delete that old stuff. Now, the process to delete stuff is simple: A double left click on the offending item or picture causes it to open up in a “Edit” screen where one of the choices is to “permanently delete” the item/picture. A single left click on that option and up pops an “Are You Sure? window with a Yes/No option/. Clicking on the “Yes” option deletes the offending picture – voa la’.

And then the thought struck me: IF it were only so simple as to push a “delete” button to delete the subject of those pictures, the entire world would be a better and safer place. BUT, I know that like a “pleasure button” which stimulates certain portions of the brain, I would abuse the “delete” button and begin deleting ALL of the rest of the reptiles who are threatening my life, my country and the world. Where would I stop with the “delete” button? Could I bring myself to accept a certain level of reptiles in government or would I “delete” the entire bunch with great joy in my heart for the wonderful gift I was giving to the average American and to the average world citizen?

And there you have it. The compelling arrogance of the “committee of my mind” to assume that I and only I have the ultimate wisdom and understanding to select those other human beings, who think differently from me, for summary deletion from the human gene pool. (Sound like anyone else you might have heard lately?)

When asked to present a simple introduction of myself at meetings, I often start with my affiliations and end with “I am a recovering Republican – been sober since just before the second Regan election disaster” My inbred reptile arrogance came from a reptile upbringing. This attitude of “I know better than everyone else” is obvious in the current reptile movement in this country.

Hmmm. Understanding my limitations and accepting the certain rights of others to disagree with me and ultimately destroy our society, would I then be able to limit my actions to only a few or the entire group?? Would I be able to stop deleting the bad guys at some medium point or would I continue until there were, in my estimation, none left. It’ a quandary, it’s a challenge to personal integrity, it’s a – Oh Screw it! Delete them all and let god figure it out!

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Surprise, Surprise – The Lier-in-Chief Lied

The latest from the reptile Chair of the House Intelligence Committee ( ) reveals that, GUESS WHAT? The lier-in-chief lied AGAIN only this time his accusation is a FEDERAL OFFENSE. Of course, the reptiles in charge will NEVER let this one get into court.

So, what to do? Next election in your area, VOTE DEMOCRAT and kick the reptiles out of Congress! That is the only legal way to do get our country back. Without the Congress, Lier-in-Chief is a LAME DUCK and cannot get his crazy agenda through Congress.

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Least We Forget

Least We Forget

(02/22/2017) By Larry Johnson, Clovis, CA

On December 7th, 1941 America was Attacked by the Empire of Japan at Pearl Harbor. This lead to America’s entry into World War II. That war was responsible for over 50 Million humans dying world-wide as a direct cause of the conflict.

On September 11th, 2001 America was Attacked by Saudi Arabian and Pakistani Terrorists at the Direction of Osama Bin Lauden, a Saudi National. This lead to America, under President (baby) Bush attacking the Terrorist Organization Alkaida in Afghanistan and later expanding our attack to Iraq – a country not involved in the attack in America but implicated in other Terrorist activities – never proven. Eventually, our Democratic President Barack Obama had Bin Lauden tracked down and killed – in Pakistan just a few miles from one of the Pakistanie Military Academies.

Beginning in 2017, the American election system was Attacked by Russian intelligence agencies in an effort to sway the election to a man they wanted as our leader and to disrupt our election process. This has lead to . . . . NOTHING!

The newly elected So-Called-President (the choice of the Russians) claims that news of this attack is False News. He has venerated Russian Dictator Putin, a murder and leader who has lead his country into ruin, as a Great Man.

The American Republican Conservatives who are currently in charge of both houses of the Federal Government are trying their best  NOT TO INVESTIGATE because such an investigation might cast doubt on their current hero – Donald Trump. They consistently put their Party and their WRICH constituents ahead of American interests while stating that they represent a majority of Americans – just another one of their lies.

YOU need to get involved in FORCING our Congress to INVESTIGATE this attack and responding appropriately. At a very minimum, Russia needs to be held accountable, punished by us for their meddling and ostracized by the International Community. We need to retaliate forcefully. Perhaps, we should turn off Russia’s access to the internet at their border – a very doable process – and then make it clear that we will shut off their telephone communications IF they continue to be the aggressor nation in Europe.  These actions would cripple and eventually bankrupt Russia if they refuse to comply. DO NOT FEAR that they would go to war. Their antiquated and demoralized military may be scary to a small country like Ukraine,  but it would NEVER get into an out and out conflict with NATO which would totally destroy them in short order. They may be bullies but they are not stupid.

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We, the Proud, Patriotic, American Democrats.

We, the Proud, Patriotic, American Democrats.

(12/23/2016) By Larry Johnson, Clovis, CA.

We understand that the average American voter does not think that they have the time, understanding or overwhelming desire to confront the great powers of money and lies which would destroy our society and change it to an Oligarchy. Yet it is when good people do nothing that the powers of wealth and privilege take hold and do their best for themselves and they always do it with fear, hatred, exclusion, racism and bigotry. They always appeal to your worst instincts and preconceived notions to get you angry enough to “stick it to the Democrats” and then EVERY time you do, America gets weaker and you then get angrier and angrier at what they do and then – – – – YOU VOTE FOR THE SAME REPTILES AGAIN!

One of the definitions of insanity is to do the same thing over and over expecting a different result!

The reptiles screw up the systems of good, decent government and then point at the Democrats as the problem. And YOU, the uninformed voter believe them!

Remember a time in your life when you bought a used car because the salesman managed to paint a picture of a wonderful, dependable vehicle only to find out later that it was a piece of junk? IF one of your friends said that you got screwed you probably reacted by getting angry with the friend for pointing that out rather than aiming your anger at YOURSELF for being so gullible or at the salesman who knowingly sold you a lemon!

Please don’t hate us for telling you the truth that you have been duped by the reptiles! BIG TIME by a spoiled, unethical, lying, cheating, bombastic bully boy with a golden spoon  shoved up his ass! You fell for it and now the country is going to have to pay for it. Thanks dumb shits!

You, the American voter MUST get off your apathy, sold to you by the right wing for years as “You can’t make a difference” and “Your vote doesn’t count”. You can make a real difference when you join with us and vote ONLY Democratic in elections. Only in this way can “we the people” safeguard our rights and be protected from the wealthy who only look out only for themselves at our expense.

Join us, spend a few minutes a week with us. Turn off fox fantasy and listen to the truth. In your heart of hearts you know that we are right and that they are wrong.  Stuck your pride up your ass and Help us, Help you, have a better life with greater opportunity and a secure retirement. You will NEVER get that with them – ever!

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You are a FOOL if you Don’t Take Donald Trump at His Word!

You are a FOOL if you Don’t Take Donald Trump at His Word!

(11/9/2016) By Larry Johnson, Clovis, CA

So called “President Donald Trump” has told ALL of us exactly what he intends to do in his first 100 days as President. You are a FOOL if you don’t take him at his word and listen VERY carefully when he announces his actions.

More importantly, watch what his minions are doing behind the curtain while the Lier-And-Exagerator-In-Chief is standing in front of the curtain pissing in your ear to distract your attention.

There is one problem already and that is that he and his staff are considering LIMITING news media questions to ONLY those reporters who are FRIENDLY to his cause! He continually berates the general news media as publishing “false news” and circulating “lies and fictional facts (alternative facts?) while the ONLY real fictional facts come from his vaunted Fox Fantasy (News) which he watches avidly right up to the point that they slip up and report something truthful about him. Then he riles up and calls for that commentator to be fired!

Do you really want a restricted news media in this country with a Donald Trump at the levers of government? Really?

This partial list ARE HIS STATEMENTS AND THOUGHTS, which have been made publicly over the last 18 months

And just in case you don’t believe me with the above opinion, check out the LATEST LIST of actual and potential cabinet appointments HE is considering.

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