The Carnival Barker Strikes At The Don’t Count People!

By Larry Johnson, 06/01/2017

I have begun to wonder about the Lier/Exaggerator-in-chief’s (l.e.i.c.) agenda and rhetoric lately. There is something distinctly  unsettling about it. Take the latest pull out of the Paris Climate Change Accords or whatever they are called. The l.e.i.c says he is withdrawing from the accord for all his various trumped up reasons with a bombastic “We’re leaving” rant. Hmmm, all accusations that this a Chinese plot to . . . whatever. IF I were a leader in Europe, I would tell him “Good-Bye and Good-riddance. We do not want you here, you lying, cheating, rat bastard. And, by the way, we will charge you a hundred times more for any technology we share with you”.  I believe that IF they took this stance, the l.e.i.c would quickly come crawling back with an apology because the lost profit and technology would have his wrich backers ripping holes in his back.

I remember his campaign where he said that the US Government was so inept at everything, that the Generals were stupid, the the military was incompetent, that everything was wrong and that he would drain the swamp in Washington, D.C. Then, miraculously, the day he is elected, everything is fine and he is just going to make everything better for EVERYONE – “trust me” he says and immediately begins screwing his poor and middle class base. Amazingly that base, while slowly eroding in numbers, still believes in him! He has not drained the swamp, he has gone out of his way to fill the swamp with people who want to destroy their charges – for profit!

Lets face it folks, the conservative reptile party as it is embodied today, is all about profit and couldn’t give a damn about the folks that don’t count. You know, the ones who don’t vote and the none wealthy who consider themselves reptiles. It never ceases to amaze me as well it should, the depth of American racism, misogyny  and intolerance. But, many times I seem to forget that Hillary Clinton, as basically honest, straight forward champion for the American Progressive, won over three million more votes than the l.e.i.c and continues her championing of the middle class.