CDC Websites

The CDC Maintains several websites for information purposes for its members. Please consult the following list:

California Democratic Council


The CDC Users Group is a Website which contains numerous articles, notices, manuals and items of interest to the Club Webmasters and Content Managers. ALL material is free of copyright (except as specially noticed) and is FREE to copy to CDC Websites.


CDC Website


CDC Club Mapping is an interactive website which lets the user choose different types of Democratic organizations such as Clubs or DCCs and locate them on a map of California.





CDC Generic Website is a fully operational and current site which is intended as a demonstration website for prospective new Affiliates. This site has many different articles and posts which showcase the WordPress capabilities.



The Chartered Democratic Club Website is another fully functional and current website which uses a “reactive” theme which modifies it’s look to fit various screen sizes from tablet to cellphone. This site uses the Sydney WP Theme which adds multiple front end splash pages and action buttons as just two of it’s many features.